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  1. Technology, Business, Digital Economy, Media, Construction
  2. The Value of Economic Classification Systems
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  4. Classification of Services in the Digital Economy | Rolf H. Weber | Springer

Presented in Defining the Digital Economy. Each asset class will be further delineated by sub-asset class if any exist , economic sectors and economic sub-sectors.

Technology, Business, Digital Economy, Media, Construction

A Digital Commodity is fungible. Fungible assets are not unique to one another, are the same in character, and are interchangeable. It may have value or utility within its underlying micro economy; and may, or may not, have any value outside of the underlying economy. Currencies are generated or destroyed as needed for utilization by the underlying economy by the authority or governance framework.

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Currencies are fungible. Digital Certificates of Value are fungible. Divisibility is a consideration in the analysis. One Gemini Dollar is the same as another Gemini Dollar in its character. A market may or may not exist in consensus for the value of the underlying property. A Digital Equity is difficult or impossible to divide. A Digital Equity is non-fungible.

Transforming human services for the digital era

A non-fungible asset is unique in its characteristic as a representation of another asset or item, or the manifestation of one unique and serialized intangible or tangible asset or item. Digital Equities are unique to one another, distinct in character, and not interchangeable. Any asset that is indivisible, serialized, or unique. Blockchain, Distributed, Decentralized, Public, Private, and Hyper Ledger Technologies can utilize items that have no external or inherent financial value; yet are useful and functional with economic value through utility.

The Merging of Sports and Technology has come of age. Global Speed Index , available on GooglePlay and the AppStore utilizes both extra-terrestrial GPS technology, and terrestrial based WIFI enhancement positioning technology through standard smartphone devices, providing athletes around the world a technical platform to measure and record athletic performances.

The Global Speed Index platform allows free competition in a virtual arena for action sports. The industry classification is based on the NACE codes.

The Value of Economic Classification Systems

In blue, an example of a connected or digital industry activity is given. For instance, eLearning as a digital activity in the Education sector and eCommerce as a connected activity within Trade. Similarly, online media and entertainment is a digital activity within consumer and 3d printing within production. Similarly, the Internet of Things IoT connects devices, cars, smart meters and other things within industries.

Programmable interfaces API connect resources, infrastructure, services and customers. Digital partner ecosystems offer new routes to market.

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An example of a Dutch company that is disrupting the traditional accountancy and other automation business is Exact. Exact online is cloud based software-as-a-service.

Annual Report 2016/17

A big data resource for Exact is for instance the total addressable market of more than 2 million financial company administrations in the Netherlands. Exact hosts its compute and software capacity with Rackspace. Rackspace owns carrier neutral data centres.

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Classification of Services in the Digital Economy | Rolf H. Weber | Springer

Through APIs , Exact online connects for instance to webshops for ecommerce and banks for online banking. Digital accountant firms are part of the new digital ecosystem for Exact and connect with finance employees eAccountants and business administration within industries. Is your industry transforming?

Is your company part of a digital ecosystem? What is your role in the digital economy?