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  1. Grid harmonic impact of multiple electric vehicle fast charging
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  3. Power Quality and Harmonics Issues of Future and Smart Grids
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Particularly, the integration of renewable energy systems has brought with it more harmonic pollution due to the need of power electronic switching devices. In this work, it is attempted to employ one of the proliferating optimization techniques to solve the selective harmonic elimination problem in conjunction with a reduction of the overall system total harmonic distortion THD.

The Moth Flame Optimization technique is found very capable of handling such a problem and the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the method and the applicability of the designed switching system. The experiments were conducted per mole of fuel basis on a 3.

Grid harmonic impact of multiple electric vehicle fast charging

The energy analysis indicates that about The combustion efficiency of KB20 was higher than that of diesel by 5. Exergetic efficiency of diesel and KB20 was found to be Study indicates that KB20 biodiesel results coherence with the same energetic and exergetic performance as diesel fuel. Subramanyam, K. The inherent properties of WMNs such as robustness, multi-hop communication and easy deployment draws attention of the researchers and industrialists. The WMNs became the usual choice for communication set up in the applications of military and disaster management.

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In disaster management and military applications the communication has to set up in quick time with ease. This can be accomplished using WMNs. Some of the prominent PQ issues in the smart grid are mentioned below:.

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It might be tempting to think with the above-mentioned PQ issues that the spread of smart grid technology will increase PQ problems. But there is other side to the coin! Smart grid technology will help in reducing the PQ challenges. We can manage PQ only if we can measure it and smart grid gives us an opportunity to measure PQ. Smart Grid includes several components that help utilities deliver better quality power to your home. Equipment like smart meters on the distribution grid helps manage voltage and power factor.

Power Quality and Harmonics Issues of Future and Smart Grids

Smart meters, a key component of smart grid are advanced electric meters that provide both you and your utility with more information about the power delivered to your home. Like other digital devices, they include a transformer to step down the voltage for the digital electronics. They are engineered to meet strict FCC Federal Communication Commission requirements to keep from interfering with other electronic or communications equipment.

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Smart Grid also ensures switching and protection of the devices connected to it for maintaining unprecedented reliability of the network. Smart Grid further gives opportunity to improve the performance of the existing power system or to prevent deterioration without the need for large investments in lines, cables, transformers, etc. From a customer viewpoint, the improvements can be in terms of reliability, voltage quality or price. Voltage quality improvement, expected to be made by smart grid in the near future would be a reduction in long-term voltage-magnitude variation.

Electrical Power System Harmonics Explained

Therefore, with real-time information, utilities can use Smart Grid technology to optimize the quality of supply for every customer they serve which enables a more efficient and accurate supply of power. In the situation where integrated generation, as well as consumption decreases the quality of power in the smart grid, it is essential to analyse both generation and consumption in a very thorough way.

Smart grid gives opportunities to leverage its resources and monitor PQ, improving the quality of supply to end-user. The new technology associated with smart grid offers the opportunity to improve the quality and reliability as experienced by the customers. Thus, Power Quality is and will be an important aspect of smart grid for its efficient operation that needs attention from the industry.

It concludes that higher the quality of power, more efficient will be the Smart Grid. Username or Email. Lost Password?

Harmonics, Power Systems, and Smart Grids: 2nd Edition (Hardback) - Routledge

Remember me. Register Now. Power Quality Aspect of Smart Grid. Some of the prominent PQ issues in the smart grid are mentioned below: Emission by new devices With implementation of smart grid, we envisage growth both in distributed generation production at lower voltage levels and in new types of consumption for example, charging stations for electric vehicles, expanded high-speed railways, etc. Some of these new consumption devices emit power quality disturbances, for example, harmonic emission. Harmonics and interharmonics will be high, below the frequency 2 kHz.