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It is the goal of this Office to provide electronic access to public records and public information. Our index and images are now available. The index for most of our documents from to present is a free search. The images for most of our documents from to present are a pay-per-access service.

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The images are of the indexes that you use in the Recorder's office. This is a free index search. Skip to Main Content.

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Sign In. Research queries can be done very quickly. When the Registry of Deeds was set up in the legislation detailed what records were to be kept and how they would be preserved. The legislation also required the maintenance of an index of grantors and an index of townlands. A grantor is a person granting a right to land in some deeds a financial instrument is what is granted. The grantors index is is in alphabetic order, noting that I and J were considered the same letter in the 18th century.

The grantors given name is included in the index.

FamilySearch Catalog: Deed books, — lasacachiding.ga

Nobles are indexed under their title as are bishops in many cases. The townland index is by county and in alphabetic order of the first or first and second letters of the name only. In some periods the corporate towns have separate areas in the index.

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The process of registration consisted of providing a memorial of the deed or will. Often this was a verbatim copy of the deed or will but might omit some important details like the consideration or the names of lives.

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Sometimes it was more like a summary of the deed. The memorial was signed by one of the parties in the deed and two witnesses one of whom was a witness to the original deed.

In the case of a will the person signing would be either an administrator or legatee of the will. The memoral was sworn before a Registrar or Deputy Registrar at the Registry or before a commissioner for affadavits outside Dublin. Once the memorial was received at the Registry of Deeds it was copied by the clerks into the memorial transcription books aka toombstone books. It was given a memorial number so it could be found.

Before , the memorial numbers were sequential and in the indexes it would be referred to by the book Lib number, page number and memorial number.

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From the transcription books were numbered in each year and there were memorials in each volume. The reference for a memorial after this date would be Year, Book number, folio number. After there are some years when the number of volumes is greater than 99 so for the period after the memorial is of the form YYYYvvvFFF. Most people start looking at the grantors index for their families of interest and keep a list of memorials of interest. If you have an interest in a land denomination you might start with the townland index.

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Once you have found the book and page number you are looking for, go to the top of the screen. You will see entry spots for type of book, book number and page number. Complete this information and hit navigate and enter. This will bring up the image of the document you are looking for. There will be no images available for documents recorded prior to You can only view the index books for years prior to Type in names and information accordingly.

Note: No image of the marriage licenses is visible due to the private nature of the information.

However, the date, time, instrument number and name of parties is visible. Plats recorded with book 25 Page 64 forward can be accessed by using the document type search from the main screen by entering book type as plat and entering the book and page number. Plats recorded prior to book 25 page 64 have to be accessed under Historical search.